Dale Frink Photography World Tour

Since becoming a photographer I have been fortunate to travel to many corners of the world with many more yet to visit. The following page is a chronicle of the highlights from each year and the adventures that have carried me the furthest from home.

2021 - Boothbay Harbor Maine and Acadia National Park

For two months during the Summer of 2021 I was thankful to have employment in coastal Maine in the town of Boothbay Harbor. Although I did not get to complete a full season there I was able to document some beautiful marine life as well as make my first visit to Acadia National Park.

2021 - Monterey Bay California and Pinnacles National Park

After returning to California and completing a successful winter season as a Naturalist in San Diego I decided to take a quick venture up the coast before starting a new job in Maine. I have been to Monterey many times but this was the longest trip I've ever taken up there and it definitely did not disappoint. Multiple encounters with Orcas were recorded, plus the typical rich assortment of wildlife one gets when they are able to spend quality time on the water up there.

2020 - Glacier Bay National Park and Juneau, Alaska

Due to the pandemic my travel options were limited. Fortunately living in Southeast Alaska has its advantages for quick getaways even now. As someone currently residing in Alaska I was able to travel to Juneau without quarantine restrictions (don't worry, I still observed social distancing and proper guidelines for flying and visiting) and see the sights.  Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arm Fjords, Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary, Herbert Glacier, and local wilderness provided a memorable trip that I count among one of my personal favorites.

2020 - Reykjavik, Iceland

This was a trip of many firsts. My first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, my first time where wildlife was not the primary focus, and the first real trip I have taken since beginning a few big changes in my personal life.  Iceland has many treasures and one might wonder why I would go there in the winter instead of the summertime, when marine mammal and bird life are abundant.  The answer is simple, Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the fantastic Northern Lights and the brief daytime hours spent waiting for night to fall can be spent looking at majestic scenery.

2019 - Kaikoura, New Zealand

I followed up my Australia trip with a stay on the South Island of New Zealand, where I visited the place I have most wanted to visit ever since I became involved professionally in whale watching. The Sperm Whales and Dusky Dolphin of Kaikoura are majestic and I have become enamored with the stories of Maori Legend.

2019 - Queensland, Australia

One of the first photography trips I have ever taken where cetaceans were not first and foremost among my desired sightings. This trip focused on the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the ancient wonder of the Daintree Rainforest, plus the enigmatic marsupials and bird life unique to Australia.

2018 - National Parks and the waters near Seward, Alaska

A spectacular trip where for the first time I devoted plenty of time and energy to animals of the land. This is also the trip where I discovered a burgeoning passion for documenting the scenery and offering my respect to a landscape that the mountains, glaciers, and the stars above all demand. Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, the Cook Inlet, and more places feature in this collection.

2018 - Silver Bank Whale Sanctuary, Dominican Republic

My first international trip in Atlantic waters and my first one dedicated to snorkeling with the Humpback Whales that winter in the Caribbean. A life changing trip with ample opportunities for study.

2017 - Boston and Plymouth, Massachusetts

A short trip to the Atlantic Ocean for a weekend with the whales and sharks of Cape Cod. This trip included an afternoon exploring the Stellwagen Bank and the abundant marine life that congregates there to feed before heading south to Plymouth for an all day trip to document Humpback Whales and Great White Sharks.

2017 - San Ignacio II

My second trip to the most pristine and mesmerizing of the Gray Whale Lagoons in Baja. This second trip was less geared towards getting beautiful photos and more about spending comfortable time amongst the world's friendliest whales to see the world from their eyes.

2016 - San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico

My first trip to beautiful San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja, Mexico. Interaction with Gray Whale cow/calf pairs were the highlight of this tour along with ample birdwatching opportunities in the nearby mangroves.  Arguably the most life changing trip I have ever taken and certainly the most intimate whale watching experience imaginable.

2015 - Anacortes, Washington

My second trip to the Salish Sea was very successful.  Multiple encounters with the beautiful but beleaguered Southern Resident Orcas left me speechless.  Sadly, since these photos were taken, some of these beautiful animals I documented have perished.  This trip spurred much of my support for removing the dams that have impacted the stocks of salmon in the Salish Sea.

2015 - Maui, Hawaii

My second trip to Hawaii was exclusively on the island of Maui and focused on Humpback Whales and the endemic birds of Kealia reserve.  

2014 - Port Townsend, Washington

My first trip to the Salish Sea and the San Juan Islands featured stops in beautiful Friday Harbor, and a fantastic encounter with Transient Orca.  

2013 - Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, Hawaii

My first out of state trip as a professional photographer.  My equipment and skills are a far cry from what they are today but I remember these times fondly and I keep these photos uploaded not only to see how far I have come but also to show documentation of some of the unique species I encountered during that trip.  This trip was also important to document the active lava flowing into the sea.