Alaska Update

The weird year gets weirder as the 2020 tourist season has been all but lost for most parts of Alaska. However I'm making it work to the best of my ability. Thankful in Southeast Alaska whale watching is an activity that can take place on shore, even if you are only on foot.  The Northern Resident Orca have moved in to feed on abundant King Salmon while the Humpbacks engage in bubble netting to collect the herring.  Although there have been confirmed reports of Risso's Dolphins up here since I arrived this area does not typically see the smaller dolphin species and whale watchers rely on the Dall's Porpoise for their fix of smaller cetaceans.

The scenery up is is as majestic as anywhere on the planet, and hopefully I can work out some issues with uploading photos to the website soon so that I can start sharing more of them.

Species Documented in April:  Humpback Whales, Northern Resident Orca (A Pod)

Species Documented in May:  Humpback Whales, Northern Resident Orca (A Pod), Dall's Porpoise

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