What Happened to the Front Page?

Just a spur of the moment site update today. I changed up the front page to reflect as much animal and scenic diversity as possible with many of those photos hailing from what I consider the "best of my best".  There is a lot of difficulty generating new content right now, so I wanted there to be a nice representation on the front page instead of the newest material staying stagnant.  The albums still work as they always have.

I am consistently updating and attempting to streamline my new shop at dalefrink.darkroom.tech and I'm open to suggestions and special requests regarding that site.  I am running a promotion for the duration of the economic shutdown where if you purchase anything off of that shop totaling $20 or more you will receive a free 2021 www.dalefrink.com calendar when those go to print later this year.

In the meantime, stay safe at home and wash your hands.  To all of my fellow members of the service industry, I miss all of you all over the world and I look forward to being back out there.  #BrokeTogether

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