Retail Therapy

I've started a new online shop to help offset the amount of downtime I have coming up (I'll address that in a future post.) Visit the following page to purchase prints of my work and help support a small business as it goes through the economic trials we are facing this spring and summer:

I am keeping the prices as low as the website will allow me to set them for the time being.  All purchases support a small business that has been forced to shutter its physical operations for the time being.  I plan on adding some incentives too, including this fall's 5th anniversary edition of the calendar, as a way to encourage a little retail therapy as we battle COVID-19. 

Ultimately human beings will triumph, of that I am certain.  However the epidemic has caused me to shutter the physical presence of my photography business, has prematurely ended one of my boat jobs, and has drastically delayed my next boat job.  Thus far I have been fortunate that economic issues are the only ones I am facing right now, hopefully we will get through all of this sooner than later.

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