Escape to Ketchikan

Words can't express how indebted I am to so many of you for your support during these tough times. Obviously there are people in the world suffering more than I have, but trying to move from Southern California to Southeast Alaska in the midst of this pandemic has been more than a mere challenge.

My old place of work shut down on St. Patrick's Day on a day I had actually been called in after what should have been my last day there.  The shutdown of whale watching tours in Orange County affected the part time gig I had on the smaller whale watching boats, where I was only a backup at that point due to my moving.  \

My new job, due to its dependence not just on tourism but from tourism on Cruise Ships was very proactive and did the right thing letting everyone know in advance the season would be delayed.  Because of how well I have been treated even without having worked a day there yet I am choosing to double down on Ketchikan as my new home in hopes of better days to come.  The city is beautiful and deserves better than to lose most of its revenue for the year, but the Alaskan people are as resilient as they are gracious.

Species Documented in March:  Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin, Pacific White Sided Dolphin.

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