Megafauna and Freeways

One of the things that makes Southern California such a strange place to whale watch is the fact that we reconcile some of the world's largest and most prominent megafauna with congested freeways, thick population density, and the uniqueness of American culture. Case in point, I was recently documenting this blue whale and during the editing process I noticed the very clear sign of Bloomingdale's department store from the local shopping mall visible in the background.

Where else are you going to see this?  

My first reaction was humorous, my second was visceral.  What are we doing trying to enjoy nature in a place like this?  What appreciation was possible in a place where the smartphone is as ubiquitous as the sunshine and sand at the beach?

Thankfully rationality kicked in.  The battle to protect nature needs to be fought on all fronts, if people aren't listening to the message then the presentation needs work.  Do I defend nature passively or do I fight on behalf of it?  A lot of questions that definitely need answering.

Also, let's see if I can start a new feature of this blog and just do a quick list of animals recently documented?  If this doesn't stick feel free to call me out on it.

July Documented Species:  Blue Whales (including Kinko), a single Humpback Whale (Felix), cow/calf Bryde's Whales, Minke Whales, a lone northbound Gray Whale, Bottlenose Dolphin (including Patches), Common Dolphins, and Orca (ETP)

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