Return to Form

It's been a month since I have written on here, and I've kept this blog relatively informal but also have kept the topics strictly to what I've been documenting here at home and on my trips abroad. Over thousands of miles in the past two years though no journey has been longer and more difficult than the one I have been dealing with lately.

I get told every day, "oh you have the BEST job" and "you must LOVE your job".  I honestly can't argue with that, but that doesn't mean there aren't hard days, even downright bad ones that nobody would envy.  Working on a boat with the general public involves a colossal set of challenges most people are not prepared for.  It's also important to remember that this job is still a job.  It is a career I love but I endeavor to have a life of my own as well entirely undefined by my animal encounters and documentation.

The past 30 days or so have not been easy on me, and recent events have led me to eschew putting too many thoughts out there and to avoid spending time on vanity projects because I honestly needed to focus on the bigger picture of where I am going.  I also needed desperately to keep life as simple as possible.

I recently put a plan together for my biggest adventure yet and I look forward to sharing more about it with you in the days to come, but for now all I can say is that I am back.

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