April 2019: Site Updates

I've created a new page to replace the temporary header where I would feature my latest trip. This new page is called "World Tour" and highlights all of the special trips I make throughout the year specifically to document nature and wildlife.  Beginning with my first trip to Hawaii in 2013 at the bottom of the page and working up towards my most recent (New Zealand at the time of this writing), you can easily find all of my specific collections.  Use the following URL to get started:


Also, please continue enjoying regular updates, featured on the front page.  New sections have been added lately for Sperm Whales and Dusky Dolphin and some nice images have been added for False Killer Whales from March and April of 2019.  A False Killer Whale video that I recorded (not posted on this site) reached national news outlets.  I encourage you to check out the albums dedicated to Birds, Reptiles, Terrestrial Mammals and Scenery also.

I am pondering the big question in 2019 of what to do with the copious amount of video I have been recording as of late.  Hosting it is a little bit of an issue as is copyright protection and monetization.  For now I am very happy but I am always looking for feedback. Email me at dalefrink@gmail.com if you have any ideas of something you would like to see!

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