August 2018 Site Update and Data Musings

It has been a very long and busy summer. At the time of writing this post I have been on 254 whale watches since June 1st in Orange County waters.  During that time we have documented four different species of dolphin and five different species of baleen whales.  In those 500+ hours on the water I have had some incredible experiences.  

Notable at this point (August 11th, 2018) is that I have recorded 28 days with Blue Whale sightings this year, my highest recorded total since 2015 (35 days with a recorded sighting).  This is still a far cry from my first year of whale watching with 91 recorded days with at least one Blue Whale in 2013.  Hopefully the ocean is on a healthy cycle and we will one day have one of those amazing summers again when it is time.  Still, I always have that slight fear that the changes to the local ecosystem could one day become permanent if we don't start acting more strongly in the interest of long term environmental conservation.

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