Bryde's are Back!

After a major site update you might notice a lot of additions to one of the less represented species I have documented. Recently a surge of Bryde's Whale sightings have provided the opportunity to document this lesser known member of the rorqual family.  One thing I did not know about this species was that the Bryde's Whale was a last resort for the whaling industry once the Blue, Fin, and Sei Whales became protected worldwide as stocks crashed and depleted.  My personal experience is that the personality varies a lot between individuals and no two behave similarly.  The one thread I do see in common is that none of the individuals I have ever seen react well to having too many boats around.  Two or more and the experience changes drastically.

NOAA Fact Sheet

I hope you enjoy the updated site and I look forward to posting another update sometime in August.

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