Two Causes I Support

Dale Frink Photography has managed to make modest contributions this year to Ocean Defenders Alliance and to the Whaleman Foundation.  These two organizations are very near and dear to my heart because they provide very tangible benefits to marine life conservation in two equally important ways.

Ocean Defenders Alliance ( works tirelessly to remove harmful debris of all sizes from the ocean, from the larger and ship threatening ghost nets down to the simple plastic garbage left on the beach.  This organization gets the word out about humanity's footprint in the water and not only undertakes the labor to remove it but promotes ways to reduce our impact in advance.

The Whaleman Foundation ( is one of the most effective conservation groups that intervenes at the federal level of government worldwide.  This organization was born out of the fight to protect San Ignacio Lagoon from Mitsubishi Corporation's attempts to build an industrial salt mining facility in a critical habitat home not only to a wide variety of Mexican desert fauna, but also home to one of the key breeding lagoons of the Gray Whale.  Through a combination of lobbying, filmmaking, and ecotourism, Whaleman founder Jeff Pantukhoff and a roster of passionate ambassadors advocate directly to those in power to effect meaningful change.

Do you have to support these organizations?  I wish you would and I hope you will!  The thing I encourage most strongly is that you find an environmental cause that suits YOUR passion and use that to make a difference.  Altruism and kindness are found in nature, and for a human to exercise such qualities is not unnatural.  Respect for living beings comes in many shapes and forms and I feel very strongly that the deep sense of satisfaction from making a true difference comes with no price tag!

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