Evidence to My Point

Back in December of 2016 I was quoted in an article for my take on some jet ski operators who were buzzing dangerously close to a pod of Offshore Orcas.  I admit that I still have very strong feelings on the matter stemming from previous incidents where I have witnessed boaters operate their vessels very egregiously around whales.  For one thing I know what can happen even when boat operators follow the good guidelines, but I hold the animals' safety in equal regard.

I was dismissed by many for a number of reasons.  While there aren't too many people who defend the credibility of Facebook comments, it just goes to show you that everyone has an opinion regardless of their qualifications.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but what happens when the evidence suggests that I might be right?  I probably won't hear much then.  Sadly, I would rather have been wrong than have come across the following articles in the past few weeks.

The selfie that could cost up to 250k

This article is about the damage being done to Orcas by recreational boaters in New Zealand.  New Zealand as a nation has a very rich and diverse cetacean population and my personal opinion is that the people there hold these animals in high regard.  However, sometimes that beauty and allure leads to risky and questionable behaviors.

RIP Doublestuf

This article is terribly heartbreaking.  Prior to the declaration of the death of J2 "Granny" another member of the J Pod of Southern Resident Orcas was found deceased.  J34 "Doublestuf" (an Orca I personally documented back in September of 2015) was found dead and the initial findings point to a small vessel strike as the cause of death.  This death is extremely painful for the pod as he was a young male entering prime reproductive years.  A devastating loss for a family of animals that now numbers fewer than 80 once more as the gains from the previous year's "baby boom" have been reversed.

Not that many of my critics would ever be willing to admit that I have a point...

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