Where are the Whales?

I have a confession to make, as someone who works with dolphins and whales on a very regular basis I have difficulty sometimes when the folks I accompany to see the wildlife have little reverence for what we are fortunate to see. This is especially true when, in the midst of a massive pod of dolphins, someone inevitably makes a crack about "not wanting to see just dolphins" or "I paid to see a whale". 

The ocean environment plays by a very different set of rules as the terrestrial environment we live on as humans.  Static landmarks and resources give way to an ever changing environment at the mercy of ocean currents and temperatures subject to change.  We have a very productive environment locally and on 9 out of every 10 days at sea we see at least one baleen whale.  That statistic has actually slightly increased in the last 3 or 4 years as late season Humpback Whales have extended the summer/fall sightings and closed the gap that occurs prior to the first arriving Gray Whales.

That's not good enough for everyone, and it's a fact of little comfort for folks that show up on the rare poor trip that is almost unheard of during supposedly more productive months.  I definitely need to find a more comforting way of reminding people that the Ocean does not respond to wants and expectations.  We have different animals at different times of year, and anything out of the ordinary is possible! 

I'll keep working and doing my best to find the answer to my dilemma, and i'll report back to you all when I find it here on this blog.

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