Frequenting Felix

On September 8th, 2016 Newport Beach whale watchers were fortunate to document a number of Humpback Whales that remained in the vicinity for several days, but only one of these whales stuck around for the entire month and also through the entire month of October thus far!

Felix was given his moniker based on a social dynamic observers witnessed during the first portion of his Orange County tenure. Felix was frequently accompanied by another whale who possessed a more gregarious personality and for almost three weeks the two whales appeared to feed and travel together, never being more than a couple of miles apart on each sighting.  Named for the popular title characters of the television show/movie/stage hit "The Odd Couple", Felix was shyer and more reserved than Oscar, who would mug boats and fluke frequently.  (Disclaimer, if Felix turns out to be a female then the name reverts to "Florence", which was one of the title characters in the gender-swapped stage version.)

The two have since parted ways and Oscar has been seen up further up the coast towards Long Beach while Felix has stayed to feed on anchovies found closer to Orange County.   I highly encourage anyone who has been lucky enough to see this whale to follow its progress on!  

Felix's profile on Happywhale

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