June 2016 Happywhale Update!

May was a great month for seeing Humpback Whales in Orange County, well...by our modest Southern California standards anyway. The fine folks at Happywhale.com have continued their awesome work keeping photographers informed about the whales they are documenting.

See my Happywhale profile here!

Several of our recent sightings have been previously documented in both the Monterey Bay and in the Channel Islands.  One of these whales is missing a piece of the fluke and dates back to pictures taken in Mexico back in 1999.  This potentially makes it one of the older whales we have recently documented since many whales we have seen are probable juveniles given their small size.  

We will continue to document these whales as they are seen, and I will continue to keep updating the progress on this page as well with new photos as frequently as possible!

This whale is listed in the Cascadia Research Collective catalog of Humpback Whales as CRC-10880.  The reason for the damage to the tail is unclear but the injury does not seem to have had any lasting impact.

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